Duiker Island Tavel Guide

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  • Duiker Island Tavel Guide

The islands around Cape Town are not of the palm tree decked golden sand variety, but do still offer some great attractions. Duiker Island is a small island with seals on it. The island is the main spot of interest in a 30 minute boat tour which is offered from Hout Bay. There’s no possibility to get off the boat to get close the seals, and also no space as the small island is so packed with the seals that you can’t even see the bare stone. Head for the Hout Bay Harbour, from here one can take a short trip around Duiker Island to see the large colony of South African fur seals. Watch them basking on the rocks or frolicing in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a wonderful trip for the entire family, but best done in good weather and calm waters. You can also diving here, the dives are generally done on the west side of the island as depths of up to 10m can be reached here. The seals are quite playful and tend to mimic your behaviour.