Brazil Entertainment

If you travel to Brazil in February/March, Carnival is just beginning. It is the biggest party in the world takes places across the country every year, lasting almost a week. Carnival is also host to many other festivals and festivities throughout the country, such as from the giants boneco masks of Olinda and the trios elétricos of Salvador to the massive samba parades of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

In the major cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador and Brasilia, a broad range of cultural options, such as museums, operas and concerts is on offer to the tourist. You can find more details in the newspapers and internet.

For night, there are two ways of drinking beer in bars: draft or bottled beer. In bars, the waiter will usually collect the empty glasses and bottles on a table and replace them with full ones, until you ask him to stop. In the case of bottled beer, bottles are shared among everyone at the table and poured in small glasses, rather than drunk straight from the bottle. However getting drunk, even in a pub, is considered very unsuitable unless you are with very good friends and everybody is as drunk as you.